YouTube. 1080p. Big-endian PowerPC + Firefox.

H.264: VP8/VP9: I additionally shot a short 4 second video clip of the Talos in action. I've filed a bug with Mozilla to upstream this work. If you do have a bmo account, consider Voting for this issue. (Don't spam the bug tracker with +1 comments; it won't help.) Please also consider supporting my progress… Continue reading YouTube. 1080p. Big-endian PowerPC + Firefox.

A day in the life of a PowerPC user

By extremely popular request, I'm going to blog my entire computing experience from yesterday (Saturday, the 24th of November, 2018). All of the events written here are real, and actually happened yesterday on my Talos II running Adélie Linux. Names have not been changed to protect the innocent. When I walk in to my office,… Continue reading A day in the life of a PowerPC user

Happy Workaholic Day!

I've never been a big fan of stores being open on Thanksgiving Day, because I feel that American culture already emphasises consumerism and unhealthy obsessions with work enough. However, I rarely say anything, because what are you going to do with big-box retailers? They want some of that Black Friday money, and they typically don't… Continue reading Happy Workaholic Day!

‘Twas the night before Thanksgiving…

...and the main Adélie Linux Web serving box went down, in a strange way. Network access to all the KVM VMs running on our primary dedicated server suddenly dropped, and new connections were refused. Connecting to the host via BMC, I was greeted with possibly the oddest machine identification I've ever seen: Adélie Linux 4.14.76-mc11-easy-p8/ppc64… Continue reading ‘Twas the night before Thanksgiving…

Clearing confusion regarding modern PowerPC endianness

I am having to correct, with alarming regularity, confusion regarding the endianness of modern PowerPC and POWER chips.  This article is going to answer a lot of those questions, with facts and citations. What endianness are modern PowerPC / POWER CPUs, including POWER9?Fact: All POWER Architecture processors, with the exception of the POWER4 and POWER5,… Continue reading Clearing confusion regarding modern PowerPC endianness

Status update for Firefox on PowerPC / big endian

(This post is probably not interesting to non-technical observers.  Rest assured, I'm still working quite hard on porting Firefox to PowerPC when I have the chance.) I've just pulled the latest Firefox code (from mozilla-central) and have fully rebuilt Firefox with the latest code. First, the good news: JS-API tests are still 100% passing.  XPC… Continue reading Status update for Firefox on PowerPC / big endian