Python 2 -> 3 upgrade: status update

More Python projects ported to Python 3.

This is a small update on my bringing packages in Gentoo to Python 3.

I haven’t had time to contribute as much to this effort as I had hoped, but I have successfully finished with two packages and the patches are now in the hands of upstream maintainers. I’ve been toying with the musl C library as an alternative to glibc (and I’ll be posting about my experiences with that later), which has distracted me a bit from Python 3 work.

Required a bit of effort. Debian #789753 filed. Maintainer seems happy enough with it, but it’s not in master yet.
This was simple enough; libevdev has had upstream support for Python 3 since 2013. Gentoo #553110 filed with a patch to update the ebuild accordingly. No response as of post time.

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