Wednesday: Photos around Tulsa

No tech today. Haven’t been out on the open road for far too long. I took a few nice photos in the passenger seat as we were heading westward. (It was far too dark to take any photos when we went back east.)

[Cute cat, lounging on window sill]

Mr Gaz on his perch in my home office, just before we left

[Clouds over a shopping centre]

I believe these are Stratocumulus clouds, which had a rather striking appearance over Southroads today

[Clouds with a sunset on the horizon, offset by a highway exit sign]

A beautiful sky around twilight, taken from westbound I-44.

[Tulsa skyline with Arkansas River in front]

The downtown Tulsa skyline, as seen from the I-44 bridge over the Arkansas River.

[Adorable cat, but not as adorable as Mr Gaz]

As a bonus, this lovable four month old tabby is Shelby, and she’s currently available for adoption at the Tulsa Hills PetSmart. She is bubbly and loves scritches!

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