GitHub and IPv6, three years later

Three years ago, I wrote Going IPv6 native without IPv4, which noted all the services I couldn’t access over IPv6. After all this time, there is some good news, and bad news.

First, the good news: BitBucket, Savannah, and Launchpad all support IPv6 now!

Now, the bad news: GitHub still does not. This has actually prevented me from setting up a trial run of on a server. The server I was going to test LE on is only connected to the public Internet via IPv6. Yes, I was actually trying to see if Let’s Encrypt has gotten any better, and I was prevented from doing it because GitHub does not support IPv6.

Authors of ACME clients, especially ones that are only available via GitHub: find a mirror that supports IPv6! At this point, now I’m going to have to set up on my workstation, and then scp the certificates over to the server every 60 days. Thanks GitHub.

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