Thoughts on Konsole 19.04

I write way too many articles that focus on the negatives of my work and of open source projects. To change things up, I’m going to review Konsole’s newest release, 19.04.0.

The first thing I noticed when I opened Konsole 19.04 is that the weird bug with line heights is gone. I can use Liberation Mono again without having a ridiculous amount of space between each line! While I do enjoy using Fira Code in Kate, it doesn’t lend itself very much to being a general purpose terminal font, and that was the only one that gave a reasonable line height in 18.12.

The new profile editor is very nice, and gives a little more control over some tweaks and settings that were previously difficult to find (or even not there, such as margins). There also appear to be more settings about controlling mouse behaviour; I can’t recall if they may have been there before, but they are definitely more accessible and more discoverable now.

Konsole 19.04
Editing a Konsole profile, with an active Konsole tab in the background display VIM 8.

The tab bar takes up slightly less vertical room, leaving more for terminal output. Additionally, a close button is now present on all tabs by default.

Overall I am very happy with Konsole 19.04 and I look forward to many productive days hacking on code with it!

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