The Retro Lab: Diggings around the fox den

I was cleaning out a desk and its cubbies in preparation for setting up the Retro Lab and I found some pretty interesting discs. I’ll be taking better photos, or possibly even making hi-res scans with the SCSI ScanJet, later. But I couldn’t keep these to myself.

A CD-R of pre-musl Alpine Linux, burned for my home lab’s Xen hypervisor ca 2012. This would have been my second Alpine deployment, after the Pentium II/300 that allowed me to contribute the initial Django port to aports.
InstallShield’s CDSource. This has demos and information about all InstallShield products. This may be worth sending to the Internet Archive.
Back of the InstallShield CDSource sleeve detailing what it has.
Sun Solutions CD: Volume 2, 2000. I told everyone I’ve been using Solaris forever! This has a lot of tools related to Solaris and Java development, and tries hard to sell you on Sun’s Developer Connection Program. There are actually two CDs. Also probably worth imaging and sending to IA.
Back of the Sun Solutions CD sleeve.

And now, for what is likely the single most important CD in my life. The CD that enabled me to learn about this little project called Linux.

Red Hat Linux 5.0, Codename Hurricane. Date: 11/10/97 (written 1/12/98)

There are many more historic relics in this pile, but I should go to sleep. Have a great weekend, everyone!

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