Big Endian Firefox: Now with more compositing

I'm currently in the process of trying to bring up the PowerPC platform as a fully supported architecture in Firefox.  I've already implemented better support for XPCOM / JS interfacing, and fixed a crash in the JavaScript interpreter. My next challenge is fixing graphical issues, which is proving to be more of a challenge than… Continue reading Big Endian Firefox: Now with more compositing

The Joys of Unix Programming: MAP_ANON(YMOUS)

I was trying to do a little late-night hacking last night on SuperGameHerm, the Game Boy emulator my friends and I are writing, and I hit an error in the memory mapper. Specifically, certain OSes that used to be named after cats don't like calling mmap on /dev/zero (neither does Android). I thought it was… Continue reading The Joys of Unix Programming: MAP_ANON(YMOUS)