Wednesday: Photos around Tulsa

No tech today. Haven’t been out on the open road for far too long. I took a few nice photos in the passenger seat as we were heading westward. (It was far too dark to take any photos when we went back east.)

[Cute cat, lounging on window sill]
Mr Gaz on his perch in my home office, just before we left
[Clouds over a shopping centre]
I believe these are Stratocumulus clouds, which had a rather striking appearance over Southroads today
[Clouds with a sunset on the horizon, offset by a highway exit sign]
A beautiful sky around twilight, taken from westbound I-44.
[Tulsa skyline with Arkansas River in front]
The downtown Tulsa skyline, as seen from the I-44 bridge over the Arkansas River.
[Adorable cat, but not as adorable as Mr Gaz]
As a bonus, this lovable four month old tabby is Shelby, and she’s currently available for adoption at the Tulsa Hills PetSmart. She is bubbly and loves scritches!

A day in the life of a PowerPC user

By extremely popular request, I’m going to blog my entire computing experience from yesterday (Saturday, the 24th of November, 2018). All of the events written here are real, and actually happened yesterday on my Talos II running Adélie Linux. Names have not been changed to protect the innocent.

When I walk in to my office, the first thing I do is open Konsole and switch to WeeChat, which runs in tmux. I read the backlog for the Adélie Linux and Talos Workstation channels, and view highlights I have from anywhere else. Then, I open Pidgin and catch up on what people have been saying in XMPP conversations (if any). By this time, I’m ready to put on my music for the day, so I switch to Audacious and load up a CD in the Blu-Ray drive connected to my Talos via USB 3.0.

After that, it’s on to Thunderbird 52 ESR, where I sift through my email. Occasionally I’ll copy a few interesting tidbits into KWrite, a simple text editor, to share with others later. (Sometimes I will think of new blog article ideas and will write them in KWrite as well, but that didn’t happen Saturday).

Then it’s on to Firefox, where I check the Adélie BTS, GitLab, and GitHub for any notifications. Depending on how many emails, messages, and notifications I’ve had, it may be time to change CDs — weekends are usually lighter, so I’m still listening to the same Pet Shop Boys album when I finish with that.

I caught up with a few friends on XMPP (via Pidgin) and Mastodon (via Firefox). After having some pleasant conversation, I left my office at this point to help my grandmother. When I came back, I went back to WeeChat and we discussed documentation layouts. Then I went into Firefox and edited the Adélie MediaWiki with status updates on the 1.0-BETA2 roadmap.

After that, I used OpenSSH in Konsole to connect to the new x86_64 builder and set it up with the proper configuration to start building x86_64 packages again. A very boring half hour later I went and played a game of Spider Solitaire using KPat on my Talos while the builder ran rsync for the package cache and cloned necessary Git repositories.

Now were a few fixes to our Web site, which I accomplished using a mixture of vim and Kate on the Talos. Then I used TigerVNC to connect to a remote VM, our European mirror, to inspect its status for a potential hardware upgrade.

KDE packaging is up next. We still had a few packages left from the KDE Applications Suite, so I brought up KDE’s home page in Firefox and copied the URLs into Konsole for newapkbuild. I packaged a few more KDE Applications using my Talos, and once I was satisfied they were working correctly, I signed my commits with GPG and then pushed them via Git so that they could be built on our builders.

Then I wrote more documentation in Kate and talked with some people in WeeChat, until I was satisfied with the progress made. Then I opened VLC and watched a few videos from YouTube before heading off to bed.

Wasn’t that the single-most boring blog post you ever read, just as I said it would be? I don’t know why so many people wanted me to write this out …

Happy Workaholic Day!

I’ve never been a big fan of stores being open on Thanksgiving Day, because I feel that American culture already emphasises consumerism and unhealthy obsessions with work enough. However, I rarely say anything, because what are you going to do with big-box retailers? They want some of that Black Friday money, and they typically don’t open until 9 PM or later on Thanksgiving — that’s late enough that I could see a reasonable amount of relaxation or family time being spent.

That is, until I opened my email yesterday afternoon and received this email from our local, “Oklahoma Proud” grocer, Reasor’s:

Open Thanksgiving - Regular Store Hours

I was definitely not Oklahoma Proud. I was Oklahoma Ashamed. I was also appalled and disgusted. They aren’t even treating Thanksgiving as a holiday. It’s just another work day in another work week. Some of their stores are open 24 hours — they won’t close at all for this holiday!

And it just kept coming. I received this email shortly after picking up our family’s meal package at The Fresh Market:

Open until 3pm Thanksgiving

That’s slightly better, but still doesn’t allow employees much freedom to spend Thanksgiving morning and afternoon the way they want to be able to.

American culture already penalises people enough for wanting to have a holiday outside of the federally-recognised ones. Some workplaces do not even allow you holidays (or “vacation days”), and the ones that do typically require you to work for a certain amount of time before receiving any. This is the next level, and in my opinion, going too far. When you start taking away the ability of people to have holidays at all, even when they are federally recognised, that is where I draw the line and say something is wrong. This is unhealthy for all involved, and will only lead to problems.

Saturday: Mozilla and Bixby

This morning, I tried more ideas for fixing the remaining endianness bugs in Mozilla’s graphics engine.  I found a few more leads but so far no progress on cracking the image decoding issue.

It was a beautiful day out and my allergies are waning since it’s finally autumn, so we took my gran out and decided to explore around Bixby.  There’s quite a variety of shops down there; very nice.  Their Super Target is much nicer than the Tulsa one, as well.

A sunset with many shades of blue, teal, red, and yellow.
Sunset over Bixby

As it became dark, we headed home.  On the way back I stopped in to Best Buy to find a universal remote for the TV I was given second-hand.  Had a nice chat with the cashier about watch bands.

Back at home, Mr Gaz was very affectionate and mrowy.  They say there’s going to be a light frost overnight.  I can’t wait.  The property turned off the air conditioning last week so it’s been uncomfortably warm in my flat.  Bring on the cold weather and warm kitty snuggles ^.^

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