Clearing confusion regarding modern PowerPC endianness

I am having to correct, with alarming regularity, confusion regarding the endianness of modern PowerPC and POWER chips.  This article is going to answer a lot of those questions, with facts and citations. What endianness are modern PowerPC / POWER CPUs, including POWER9?Fact: All POWER Architecture processors, with the exception of the POWER4 and POWER5,… Continue reading Clearing confusion regarding modern PowerPC endianness

The Joys of Unix Programming: MAP_ANON(YMOUS)

I was trying to do a little late-night hacking last night on SuperGameHerm, the Game Boy emulator my friends and I are writing, and I hit an error in the memory mapper. Specifically, certain OSes that used to be named after cats don't like calling mmap on /dev/zero (neither does Android). I thought it was… Continue reading The Joys of Unix Programming: MAP_ANON(YMOUS)

FreeBSD 10.1 on UltraSPARC Sun Ultra 60: Booting and initial packages

As noted in my previous article, my friend Madeline and I set out yesterday to fix my Sun Ultra 60's boot problems so that it could run FreeBSD. The issue ended up being that the disk alias in OpenBoot had been scrambled (probably from the NVRAM reset I did to force it to boot), and… Continue reading FreeBSD 10.1 on UltraSPARC Sun Ultra 60: Booting and initial packages